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Carlisle Syntec Roofing

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Carlisle Syntech Roofing

Low-Slope Roofing Products
  • Founded in 1960's

    Over 50 Years of providing the highest quality roofing products on the market. 

  • Complete Roof Systems

    Ask about complete protection systems with underlayment to ventilation accessories. 

More than 100 years have passed since Charles Moomy arrived in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, with $500, some machinery, and a plan to make inner tubes for tires. In 1961, when Carlisle introduced the first synthetic roofing product to the market, total company net sales were $24 million; in 2017, Carlisle SynTec’s parent company, Carlisle Companies, did $4.1 billion in net sales. It’s exciting to envision what can be accomplished in the next 100 years.
Carlisle SynTec is fortunate to have an experienced senior management
team and a deep bench of future leaders who all take great pride in the
Carlisle Experience. As in the past, the development of innovative products and services will continue to be a key focus, as evidenced by the recent introduction of RapidLock (RL™) roofing systems,TPO with APEEL Protective Film, and the revolutionary CAV-GRIP™ III Low-VOC Adhesive/Primer. Regardless of what the future holds, the company’s foundational values – dedication to quality, innovation, and customer support – will remain unchanged for the next 100 years and beyond.