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FiberTite Roofing

Low-Slope Roofing Products
  • Founded in 1979

    Over 40 Years of providing high quality roofing membranes and components.

  • Complete Roof Systems

    Ask about complete protection systems with underlayment to ventilation accessories. 

The foundation of FiberTite is 60 years of high-performance fabric technology. FiberTite's 4-Layer technology synthesizes nearly twice as much fiber as competitors, and features a unique adhesive coat and a proprietary DuPont™ Elvaloy® KEE based formula. It combines to make FiberTite a tougher, lighter, more flexible and durable roofing membrane. First installed on rooftops in 1979, no FiberTite roof has ever suffered a membrane failure. That's why we've never had to change our formulation.

FiberTite is engineered to withstand severe weather, extreme temperatures and harsh chemicals. Our membranes are designed for durability and long life. As such, the carbon footprint of the long lifecycle of these products is much lower than that of less durable options.

The LEED Green Building Rating System for New Construction (LEED-NC Version 2.0) promotes buildings that are not only environmentally responsible in their design, but sustainable and profitable in their operation, and healthy to live and work in. FiberTite installations can be found on a number of LEED-approved buildings nationwide.