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Western Colloid

Roofing Products
  • Founded in 1972

    Over 45 Years of providing the one of the highest quality roofing solutions on the market. 

  • Complete Roof Systems

    Ask about complete protection systems with underlayment to ventilation accessories. 


Western Colloid manufactures Cool Roof Systems that can make a huge difference in the heating and cooling costs of your building.  The cost of upgrading or restoring your roof with an insulating, reflective roof system is offset by the cost reduction for heating and cooling your building.  Additionally check if your roof system upgrade is eligible for government rebates, tax deductions for energy efficiency or write-offs.

With a Western Colloid Fluid Applied Cool Roof System you can:

  • Apply over BUR, Modified Bitumen, Single Ply, Spray Foam and Metal.
  • Reduced energy costs by as much as 30%.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Improved occupant comfort with the high relectivity of the roof.
  • Increased life cycle of the roof.
  • Reduced “Heat Island” effect.
  • Protects against UV degradation.
  • Eliminate Tear-off of existing roof reducing waste added to landfills
  • Be in compliance with the appropriate section of California Title 24 Energy Efficiency Standards and USGBC LEED Requirements
  • Many systems have FM 4470 Class 1 approval, UL Class A ratings and ICC-ES evaluation.

Western Colloid is proud to be an Energy Star© partner.  They manufacture and test their white acrylic coatings to meet Energy Star © standards for energy efficiency and savings.