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PVC Membranes

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PVC Roof Systems:

PVC Roofing Systems are a thermoplastic roofing membrane with excellent stress-reducing properties and many are manufactured with reflective properties to qualify as a cool roof solution that helps with maintain the integrity of your roof longer while saving on heating and cooling costs.

Expansion and Contraction:

As roofs heat during the day, roofing material becomes stressed as it expands. In the cool of the evening, the roof contracts again. PVC Roof systems are one of the best systems for taking this punishment with ease, and the welded seams are often stronger than the material sheet itself. This means that they are less likely to pop seams and create leaks.

Save Money on Cooling:

Summer cooling costs are a hot topic with small homeowners, to the largest warehouses. PVC Roofing configured in a cool roofing scenario will reflect much of the sun's rays back away from your building, allowing you to cool it much more efficiently. Call us today to learn more about PVC roofing membrane options for your roof.


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