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Storm Doors

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Why Consider Storm Doors?

Storm doors are one of the most often forgotten, but most effective and energy-saving additions you can add to your home. They offer more than just extra protection from weather and intruders; they help improve the quality of life in your home altogether. Storm doors prevent cold air from getting inside during winter months, heat escaping in summer months (both unintentionally) and they provide a natural seal against bugs that would otherwise be allowed into your home through any cracks or gaps. In addition, storm doors allow for easy access to your front door without having to open up the whole house when it isn't needed.

Storm Door Protection:

The most obvious reason to have a storm door is that it provides protection from the weather. When you leave your home, the last thing you want is to come back and find things inside your house damaged or destroyed because of the elements. Storm doors can help reduce the risk of break-ins, as they are an extra barrier against intruders. However, don't let their ability at keeping out cold weather convince you that just any old storm door will do - there's more to protecting your home than sealing off a layer of air around it. A good storm door must offer plenty of protection in several other ways, too:

Storm Door Materials and Features

Because the main purpose of a storm door is to keep heat and cold out, doors made from a material that can insulate are some of the best options for your home.  Whether you choose glass, vinyl, composite wood or metal is ultimately up to personal preference. While each type has benefits and drawbacks (we'll discuss those below), we recommend staying away from wooden storm doors because they have lower insulating properties than metal or vinyl doors.

Storm Door Finishes

Just like most other things in life, finishes play an important role in determining how well your storm door will work for you . You should consider both paint and stain finishes when shopping for a storm door - they will provide different levels of protection against the elements based on their composition and durability:

Paint Finishes: Paint provides excellent protection from in-house elements such as dust and mold. It also provides some protection from the outside world, but there are better options for storm doors in terms of protecting against bugs or other intruders.

Storm Door Stains:   Storm door stains can provide excellent heat- and cold-retention, which can help protect your home's interior from moisture damage over time . They should last you quite a while if properly applied - meaning you will only need to touch up its finish after several years of use. Because it doesn't provide the best protection from break-ins or damage due to weather, however, we don't think stain finishes are the best choice for people who aren't looking for an extremely durable insulator. Instead, consider using a paint finish for the sake of its better protection from bugs, rain and other elements.

Professional Installation:

While most storm doors work independent of your existing entry door hardware, there are some models out there which include this feature as well. Aesthetically, they can add a modern look to any home and can be easily painted or stained in order to match the existing woodwork on your door. Hiring a professional contractor will ensure that your door is installed properly the first time and increase the longevity and ease of use.


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