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McElroy Metal

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McElroy Metal Roofing

  • Founded in 1963

    Over 55 Years of providing quality metal roof panels and accessories.

  • Complete Roof Systems

    Ask about complete protection systems with underlayment to ventilation accessories. 

From humble beginnings in 1963, McElroy Metal has grown into a national company with 13 manufacturing facilities, 24 Service Center and 44 Metal Mart locations across the United States. McElroy Metal is a third-generation family owned business with a strong culture of values that extends to customers, employees and vendors.

We believe that business morals and ethics still have a place in the work environment. We continue to conduct business under the golden rule adage: Customers deserve to be treated in the same way we like to be treated by our suppliers. Some may say that makes us old fashioned... We think they are right!

Offering value, beauty and performance, metal roofing and siding is gaining popularity in commercial, industrial and residential markets.